10 Common Medications That May Cause Weight Gain

Flexeril is used to relieve muscle spasm when the spasm is due to local problems, that is, in the muscle itself and not in the nerves controlling the muscles. Flexeril seems to accomplish its beneficial effect through a complex mechanism within the nervous system, probably in the brainstem. If you or a loved one are abusing Seroquel or experiencing unwanted effects from the substance, it is important to let a professional know. Getting help to switch to another medication or to overcome abuse of this psychiatric medication can dramatically improve your quality of life. If you’ve been on an antidepressant for a while now and you’ve put on weight, it could be a sign of improved mood if weight loss was asymptom of your depression.

  • Therefore patients should be cautioned against the following cyclobenzaprine warnings.
  • The incidence of drowsiness, the most frequent adverse reaction, was similar with both drugs.
  • Muscle relaxers like Carisoprodol and Flexeril depress your central nervous system and slow down many of the processes that make your body function.
  • Overdose can be a result of deliberate drug abuse, accident, or problems with metabolism and excretion of the drug.

Together you can make sure the benefits of the medicine outweigh the risks from weight gain. Following your primary care provider’s injury treatment plan will result in faster healing times and fewer side effects, such as weight gain. If muscle relaxer medicine is required for a more extended period of time, be aware that there is a danger of weight gain and the possibility of addiction. Prescription use of Cyclobenzaprine subjected to the supervision of a licensed doctor is most commonly linked with a non-emergent, tolerable adverse reaction.

Muscle relaxers, along with pain medication and physical therapy, are useful short-term treatment for muscle injuries. Following your primary care provider’s treatment regimen for your injury will result in faster healing times and little risk of side effects such as weight gain. If the need for longer term treatment with muscle relaxer medication is needed; be aware that there is a risk for weight gain as well as the potential for addiction. Oral corticosteroids, such as prednisone (sold under brand names like Rayos, Deltasone, and Prednicot, notes the Mayo Clinic), treat a range of conditions, from asthma and arthritis to back pain and lupus, says Dr. Ellis. “These have a lot of side effects, one of which is an increased appetite, fluid retention, and an altered metabolism,” she explains.

What can I do to prevent medicine-related weight gain?

Others, antidepressants included, may cause changes in mood, which lead to increased appetite. Antipsychotics stimulate appetite and can cause food cravings. In some cases, other lifestyle habits and outside influences can contribute to weight gain, including supplement use and poor sleep quality. It can be difficult to confirm the link between weight gain and medication use, especially if the increase in weight is gradual. Not everyone who gains weight because of a medication notices it, particularly people who had underweight when they began treatment.

Isoptin Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & … – WebMD

Isoptin Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & ….

Posted: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:10:58 GMT [source]

People experience different side effects when taking different drugs. You healthcare provider will help you weigh the pros and cons of the medicine for you. The FDA advises caution for the sedative effects of methocarbamol. Potentially risky activities that require attention and responsiveness—like driving, operating machinery, or hazardous sports—should be avoided at first until the effects of the drug are known. The maximum daily dose of methocarbamol should not exceed eight grams per day when taken for muscle pain or spasms. Because of the risk of side effects, methocarbamol and other muscle relaxants should only be used with great caution in older adults.

What Does Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Do?

Tricyclic antidepressants may block the antihypertensive action of guanethidine and similarly acting compounds. Less frequent dosing should be considered for hepatically impaired or elderly patients (see PRECAUTIONS, Impaired Hepatic Function, flexeril neck pain and Use in the Elderly). Weight gain from medication is not uncommon, and while it can be challenging to deal with, it is often manageable. People should not stop their medication or reduce their dosage without first consulting their doctor.

Due to the lack of data in subjects with more severe hepatic insufficiency, the use of FLEXERIL in subjects with moderate to severe impairment is not recommended. Cyclobenzaprine reduced or abolished skeletal muscle hyperactivity in several animal models. Animal studies indicate that cyclobenzaprine does not act at the neuromuscular junction or directly on skeletal muscle. Evidence suggests that the net effect of cyclobenzaprine is a reduction of tonic somatic motor activity, influencing both gamma (γ) and alpha (α) motor systems. The plasma concentration of cyclobenzaprine is increased in patients with hepatic impairment (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, Pharmacokinetics, Hepatic Impairment). If weight gain affects a person’s health, a doctor may be able to prescribe a similar medication that is less likely to produce an increase in weight.

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I get horrible dry mouth from it and drink water like all day all night. As a partner, you will help the Arthritis Foundation provide life-changing resources, science, advocacy and community connections for people with arthritis, the nations leading cause of disability. High fever, convulsions, and even death can occur when these drugs are used together.

Our team does their best for our readers to help them stay informed about vital healthcare decisions. Calls to our general hotline may be answered by private treatment providers. We may be paid a fee for marketing or advertising by organizations that can assist with treating people with substance use disorders. Patients should be educated about these symptoms and should be told to stop taking Flexeril and notify their primary care physician right away if they experience any of the aforementioned symptoms of an allergic reaction.

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