For most roadmap users, the purpose of technology roadmapping is development. Most companies work in a repetitive chain-like process, moving through the stages of research, development, and manufacturing for each new product. Developing new products, equipment, and processes benefits greatly from the regular use of roadmaps. Initially, companies may review a technology roadmap to determine what technology is available and will be available in the near future. They then use that knowledge to develop their product roadmaps and, ultimately, new products to expand their business. This IT roadmap template provides a different format than the typical timeline view.

This includes hardware and software, as well as streamlining internal IT processes to increase efficiency and productivity. This includes things related to research and development, product development, and digital transformation. It also includes activities related to infrastructure, architecture, and software 35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings development. The giant behind tools like Jira and Trello and the famous Agile knowledge base, Atlassian has a broad selection of roadmap templates to choose from. Whether you use a ready-made technology roadmap template or create your own from scratch, the list of advantages you get is impressive.

IT roadmap

It helps teams see their objectives, plan time and resources, and dramatically increase productivity. All stakeholders gain a better understanding of the project and its stages, which ultimately leads to higher engagement and less friction between the parties involved. Business owners and top management get a chance to assess the entire infrastructure, compile a holistic strategy, cut costs, and future-proof the organization. By following the guidelines above, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great roadmap that keeps you on track. The IT Department may receive requirement specifications from various business
stakeholders that need to be developed by a certain timeframe to meet the organization’s
strategic business objectives and growth plans. As an example, the figure below
shows a sample business-focused technology roadmap for multiple systems and themes
which would significantly utilize IT resources throughout the year.

What are the styles of roadmap?

Although there are endless permutations of product roadmap styles, we see the following three used most commonly: Timeline-Based Roadmaps, Roadmaps without Dates, and Kanban Roadmaps.

These roadmaps provide a basis for industry leaders and company-based developers to work together as they develop new products in their fields. Roadmaps are typically formatted with bar charts that provide a visual representation of each action item and the timeline for a given plan. Short and long-term goals can be represented along with prioritized tasks for reaching those goals, important milestones, required costs, and project owners. Any gaps in knowledge or project barriers can also be included in order to analyze and address these issues. A roadmap will of course be customized to suit its intended business, project, and audience.

Architecture Technology Roadmap Example

These were the main roadmap examples and templates that we wanted to share with you. Feel free to explore all the solutions that GanttPRO offers – you will definitely find what you are looking for. Software product roadmap examples demonstrate the initiatives involved in launching a new software solution. As with the options described above, a technology roadmap is much easier and faster to build based on a quality and reliable template. Good examples of a project roadmap visualize at which point of the product development the team is and how things are going.

technology roadmaps examples

With a roadmap like this, your IT administrators and managerial staff can monitor which apps are in use and follow the process of maintaining or updating them. Then let’s get started by choosing the right type of roadmap, depending on what you intend to achieve. If you’re more process-oriented (and time is less of a pressing concern) then the Swimlane View may be more your speed. If the questions and pushback you receive revolve around the question of “when,” flipping your IT roadmap over to a Timeline View can provide simple answers.

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